A problem for the Midlands O Clubs is the lack of forests. Anyone who runs in the area for a few years will have been to all the available areas and be surprised and pleased when a new one is mapped and used. Also, many of the woods that can be used are quite poor. So the prospect of running at today’s venue didn’t have me leaping out of bed with joy this morning. But the sun was shining and the people were welcoming (the barbecue was a great idea), and the course kept me off the paths (but through the brashings), so two cheers for grotty woods!

Hay Wood Barbecue

I chose light green again, 3.7k, 17 controls, negligible climb, and only had trouble on controls 2 and 5. The latter I overshot (it takes a while to get used to the scale), but I was a bit cross about #2. I hit it perfectly, but neglected to look down in the ditch and ended up running up and down alongside the ditch looking for it. Should the kite have been put in the ditch?

hay wood map extract

Anyway, I still came 4th, so I did okay and I really ought to go back up to green now.

 btw, I guess control 1 was compulsory for its novelty value:

course descriptionlegend


Checking the splits, I see that I was actually in the lead at control 13. I had no problem hitting #14, but I do remember having a bit of a stroll!