First time visiting the HOC forum, I read that there’s a spare bed going at the JK. The North Downs at Easter seems appealing, so I got in quick, or as quick as the Fabian4 event registration system would let me! (I suppose it’s a bit like online supermarket shopping: slow and painful the first time, but it’ll be a doddle in future.)

Anyway, looking at last year’s results in my class (M40S), I see the best speeds are around 8 minutes per kilometre, which is about twice as fast as I “ran” on Sunday. I think I should aim for 12 mpk, which is bronze badge speed. In preparation there’s at least one event a week for me to hone my navigation skills on…

February: 3rd Arley Wood (OD), 5th Bournville (HOC NSL), 10th Eymore Wood (HOC), 17th Beaudesert (WCH C3), 24th Swynnerton (POTOC, with Catherine).

March: 2nd Lizard Hill (WRE), 6th Uffmoor Wood (HOC WEE), 8th Satnall Hills (WCH C5, with Catherine), 16th Dudmaston (HOC), 22nd-24th Surrey (JK).