The start

“You are currently 2nd out of 2.” Somehow I found those words a bit deflating, printed as they were on the timesheet I was given at the end of my run. What was worse, the “current leader” had done the course in three-quarters of my time. But I consoled myself that I hadn’t done too bad. I recently found an old map of the area from a run I did exactly five years ago, and I was a miserable 68th out of 93 on a 4k green course. Today’s 68 minutes for 5.6k was better than the 85 minutes I took that day…

Another beautiful Sunday, though colder than last week: it was still frosty when I went round after my run to take some pictures (link). The course? Well, a curate’s egg. It is quite a difficult area to plan on, but I didn’t appreciate the 1.5k uphill run in the middle of my course, or the orange-standard legs after control 8, or the fact that the start was 60m below the finish… 😉 I heard some complaints about the controls in pits, but I think the ones on course 4 were well selected and not too bingoey.

Beaudesert map extract

Control 7 had one of the several interesting route choices on my course. I guess most people ran clockwise round the dark green but I could see that I could run straight into the control if I went anticlockwise. The dark green is labelled “vegetation: difficult to walk” – did anyone go straight through it? I notice that on the 2001 map it’s rough open, so I guess it’s covered in saplings and stuff. 

D’oh! of the day: I didn’t see the point of those little control description slips you get; the list is printed on the map anyway. It was only when I heard a lady saying that she’d lost her c.d. holder that it slowly began to dawn that it’d be much quicker to check the details of the next control if I pinned the list on my sleeve, rather than flipping the map this way and that to find the list…