I wonder what the largest events have been in the West Midlands in the last ten years? Looking through my old results booklets, I’ve found one from a Chasers event at Badgerslade 19/1/97. I took some kids from school so I didn’t run, but 584 people did. Kudos to three Harlequins for winning their races: Hannah Wootton first out of 84 on Light Green, youngster Colin Spears first out of 126 on Green, and Andy Hemsted first out of 146 on Blue.

Badgerslade results p3-4

Right, I’m pretty confident I’ve qualified for my M21S bronze badge, thanks to runs in 1996 at Bentley Wood, Titterstone Clee and Croeso. But I’ve only found two qualifying red times and blue times. I’ve had some good “value runs” on blue: 82, 83, 83, 90, 91, 97, 99, and 122 minutes. 🙂  That last time, at Hartshill Hayes in October 95, is probably my record for a run in Britain. (Nowhere near my all-time record – more on that another day.) Twelve runners out of 46 didn’t finish the course. One thing I’m proud of is I’ve never retired or been disqualified from a race**, but I don’t blame anyone for giving up, especially when on a day like that it turned out that the courses were far harder than the planner and controller appreciated.

**My memory was faulty. Checking old club mags, I see that I retired from the club championship race at Postensplain in December 1995. I wonder why? In happier news, I appear to have found a third Blue badge time. 🙂 Two hours on the Malvern Hills, the winner having taken 81 minutes…

Question time. I once ran a blue course in 50 minutes and missed out on the Blue standard by two minutes. Where do you think that was?

Answer: Burton Dassett