Lizard Hill from south

Ran blue. Not good. 33rd out of 42. I felt sluggish and I was sluggish, averaging more than 150% of the best time for each leg, excluding my five bad legs (1, 2, 3, 5 & 12). Got off to bad start! I punched #5 after 27 and a half minutes – the winner was there in 15.

Lizard Hill extract

Errors on #1 and #12 lost me 3 and 5 minutes respectively. On #1, I decided to go round the green anticlockwise, and I was a bit fazed when I discovered the green signified rhododendrons rather than young trees or whatever. I spent quite a lot of time trying to work out which green blobs were which, and I ended up running most of the way down the ride. As for #12, I ran up the reentrant but couldn’t find the ride. I think I found the perpendicular one, ran down that, ran back, overshot, relocated in the reentrant and still couldn’t find the ride. Luckily at this point a lilac-clad gentleman ran past me straight to the control! The ride was partly obscured by brashings, which was why I’d missed it. But I need to learn to judge distance better on controls like that.


p.s. Beautiful day, great event.