Me unlit

The weather’s been very kind so far this year, and tonight was great for running. I borrowed a headlamp from the Whites and it was excellent, although one of the bulbs blew as soon as I switched it on! And it’s difficult to be intimidated by a small wood like Uffmoor, so I enjoyed myself. I found all the “easy” controls, plus a few more. As before there were a couple I went a-huntin’ without success, which reminds me of my latest new problem… I had my contact lenses in, and this means that I find it very hard to focus on the fine detail on the map. For example, I ran down the stream from #2 expecting to hit #23 but missed it completely, not having been able to see that the control was above the stream.

Uffmoor map extract

Quoi faire? Bifocal contacts?

Night O presentation

Barry Houghton presents Richard Dearden with his Night-O trophy.