Well, well. Research has paid off and it appears that I’ve qualified for my M21S, Red and Blue badges. The final piece fell into place when I found the results for the event at Birches Valley 13/11/05. I remember it being a fine day and that when I arrived there was a queue of people waiting for maps. If I’d opted for Orange I could’ve saved myself about an hour in the combined waiting and running time, but I had in mind to do Red. Unfortunately the extra, freshly-printed Red maps included a control that had been removed from the course on the final version, which is why you can see on the results that it took me the best part of twenty minutes to reach control #176. Fortunately the presence of a busload of relatively er, inexperienced orienteers from Manchester Met Uni means that I still came in the top half of the finishers. ūüôā

Onmap control listBirches Valley extract

Quick question for those of you who weren’t there: why is that wiggly footpath shown as out of bounds?

Among the excellent performances that day I must mention Daniel Hartmann, first out of 130 competitors on the Green course, and Robert Farrington, 1st of 89 on Blue.