Satnall map extract

Short/White 1.0 km, 23 min 18 sec

Up the M6 to the Stafford corner of Cannock Chase; the weather forecast had promised rain but there’s just been the odd spell of drizzle. C had had a bad night so she was a bit tired. The course was all uphill at the start and by the third control she was asking me to carry her! But she was happy to see that we were at the top and it was virtually all downhill back to the car. C’s looking after the class teddy this weekend so we brought her along and she even punched the finish control. 🙂

Catherine and class teddy at the finish

Despite the area only being 1 km square it’s a good little area and I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed running the long course – maybe the Chasers will use it again soon for an evening event.