Just one week to go now to the JK! So this was in effect the last practice run and it went okay. I didn’t make any mistakes – in fact I ran into some controls quite nicely – but I felt tired and I know that it’ll be six months at least before I’m properly fit. The couple of problems I had were with vegetation boundaries (controls 2, 12 and 16), none of which made much sense to me.

The finish time I was given at download was 80:31, but this was kindly corrected to 76:19, 28th on Blue. (My being given an incorrect time is connected to the photo below.) If we ignore Matthew Halliday (!)*, that’s 150% of the fastest time and 12.3 minutes per km, acceptable stats at the moment.

Radio O

The venue was just south of Bridgnorth, a tricky spot to get to from North Birmingham. I think I made the wrong route choice; the route I took on the return leg was 10 minutes quicker. The wood itself is a bit on the poky side but has the great (and unusual) advantage that the car park field is in the middle. My course was well planned, although the control numbering on Blue and Brown was somewhat unorthodox!

What else, um, mud, pigs and brambles.


*That’s a compliment.