I’ve been out in the garden in a t-shirt this afternoon, doing some tidying up, and it felt just nice, though when I had the patio doors open C was apparently so cold that she got up from in front of the telly to put a thick coat on. After such a mild winter I suppose it was somehow inevitable that temperatures would plummet for the Easter weekend, and for the John Ketley Festival of Orienteering. They say that by Sunday morning the Surrey Hills will resemble the Greenland ice-cap, so I’m having to stuff a considerable amount of extra clothage into the car. I’m travelling down with fellow Harlequin Ian Hopkins; both of us have been given “late” starts at 10.30 a.m., so we’re getting underway soon after 5 a.m. Kingstanding time.

Apart from the weather warnings, the JK site links to some useful discussion of the race areas, including this excellent leg-by-leg description by Thierry Gueorgiou (aka “Tero”) of his run on Leith Hill at the 2005 World Cup.

I’m missing the Sprint event, which took place this afternoon at the University of Surrey, and the results are up here. The Harlequins results I’ve found: W20 Elizabeth White 26th, W21 Katharine McMillan 74th, W40 Kerstin Mitchell 28th, W4 Marian White 19th, Jill MacKenzie 43rd, W50 Lynden Hartmann 21st, Carol Farrington 32nd, W55 Lesley Brown 13th, M14 Jamie MacKenzie 20th, M16 Tom MacKenzie 26th, M35 Jason Howell 4th, M40 Peter Langmaid 47th, M50 Andrew White 47th, John Embrey 48th, Mike Farrington 77th, M55 Neil MacKenzie 64th, M60 Brian Laycock 20th, Eric Brown 41st. Well done everybody – I hope you enjoyed it. Haring round buildings sounds like fun, and I’m looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow, and maybe seeing some photos and videos.


A little brainteaser for you: I popped to One Stop Shopping Centre today to stock up on a few things for the weekend. Having completed my purchases I navigated beautifully across the car park but when I “entered the circle” I couldn’t see my car anywhere. After a few seconds of confusion and worry, the solution dawned. Any ideas?

Answer: I’d gone in my wife’s car.