Now that the JK’s over, a few notes – for myself as much as for anybody else – on what’s coming up in the next couple of months…

March 30: Rorrington (WRE C4), April 13 Seven Pools Run (10k race round Sutton Park), 20th Clent (HOC C5), 24th Highgate Common (SEE), 27th Birmingham Mail Fun Run

May 1 Brinton Park (SEE), 5th Rodborough (NWO C4), 8th Baggeridge (SEE), 10-11 Macclesfield Forest (MDOC C3), 15th Callow Hill (SEE), 18th The Wrekin (WRE C4), 22nd Cannon Hill Park (SEE)

June 8 Brown Clee (HOC C2), 14th Lichfield (WCH Street-O), 15th Cannock Chase (WCH Long-O), 19th Clent (HOC June Jaunter), 22nd Pooley Fields (OD Score), 25th Sutton Park Gates Run (OD)

Hopefully I’ll be able to get further afield again this year, including a couple of days at the Welsh Festival of Orienteering in August. For some reason there aren’t many District (C4) events in the next few weeks, so it’s great that Harlequins’ Summer Evening league (SEE) is about to start. I’ve got very good memories of SEE events; in the summer months the evening is usually a nicer time to run than at midday, and what could be wrong with a bit of healthy competitive-ish fun after work?

I was sad to hear that the Malvern Hills Long O (scheduled for April 26) has been cancelled; it would’ve been infinitely preferable to the Birmingham Mail Fun Run! Maybe the idea could be resurrected in some form in the future.