The tent is upright, at least

Snow had been forecast, but when I drew back the curtains the world looked quite benign. Was it possible they were wrong? No. As we ate our hearty breakfast the first flakes began to fall. And it was a white world I began my race in at 11 o’clock.

I felt tired, and a lot of the course was through muddy or boggy terrain, so my mood was a bit down. But the run went well enough, apart from co’ing up leg 12, which added 3 and a half minutes onto my time.

Ashdown map extract

After crossing the stream, I drifted to the right as I climbed the hill, ending up eventually back at the start. At least I knew where I was now! So then I had to cut around the start area to the NE corner of the out-of-bounds, where I discovered I had to negotiate the Pippingford Gulch before reaching the well. It was weird to emerge from the wood to find that not a trace of the snow was left. In the end I was 27th in 84:30, thereby pipping Peter Langmaid by 57 seconds for the JK HOC M40S title! 🙂

A note on clothing: at Leith Hill I finally bought myself a pair of gloves, so I had no trouble with cold hands. Apart from that, my usual attire, even in March, is a pair of jogging bottoms and a long-sleeved t-shirt. With the weather as it was though, I did have two layers on each day at the JK, adding either a light sweatshirt or jacket. Clothing came to mind after I was shocked to read how badly Paul Nixon suffered at Ashdown Forest.

Notable Harlequins performances: M16A Alex Roberts 17th; M20S Matthew Evans, Peter Ford & Robert Farrington 1st, 2nd & 3rd; M21L Tom Horton 2nd; M35L Jason Howell 8th; M45S David Williams 3rd; M50L John Embrey 16th; M50S Andrew White, Mike Farrington & John Leeson 20th, 21st & 22nd; M55L Andy Hemsted 3rd, Mike Baggott 11th; M60L Brian Hughes 3rd; John Pearson 11th; M60S Russ Fauset 12th, Dennis Mews 15th; M70L Colin Spears 4th; W14B Mhairi Leeson 9th; W18S Susan Ford 1st; W20L Elizabeth White 3rd; W21L Lindsay McMillan 20th; W40S Kerstin Mitchell 7th; W50S Carol Farrington & Lynden Hartmann 15th & 16th; W65S Suzette Spears 7th; W70L Alison Sloman 4th.


Photos (on MySportStream): 1, 2, 3, etc.