The women line up…

My first-ever relay event, and what a dismal performance! Just under 75 minutes for just under 5 km… It was interesting seeing how the whole thing worked, and exciting to watch the mass starts and the handovers. But oh dear, I shan’t be looking forward to going back into that little wood again.

Eridge map extract

It was the closest thing to an orienteering version of The Twilight Zone that I’ve experienced for a while. Somehow I got lost on the way from control 1 to the open area, and later on the same thing happened exiting from control 5. In both cases I lost minutes just making it from the controls to the major track. Other mistakes too: I drifted to the right after #2, disturbing a small herd of deer in the process, I couldn’t find the fence on the way to #5, and I overshot #7, caught by the lake at the top of the hill. But by that stage at least I had the excuse that I was running in a blizzard and the little path had been obliterated.

To be honest, I was too sloppy… It was a shame. Despite the weather and the mud I actually felt pretty good and I’m sorry that I let Alison and Russ down. My mistakes cost us 15 minutes, leaving us back in 53rd.