Reading an old thread on Nopesport I found this headcam video by Thierry Gueorgiou – he makes it seem all so easy! – and then I wondered what other orienteering vids are online. Southdowns Orienteers have some great little films made by one of their juniors, Alex Lines, for example O for beginners and Sprint-O Tips. Then there’s O on 3 legs. And a good American effort. Some Oz-O humour. Fun in Sweden. The Swiss reveal their training secrets.

And I’m mightily impressed by the Tiomila – the race and the coverage. (What a race that was in 2006 – 300 teams, the top eight teams separated by just three minutes, with Halden winning by six seconds after ten hours of racing.) It must be a great experience even for the also-rans; an Italian club have made a good video of their performance last year.

And how about O meets Parkour?

Asoasf… enjoy!