Helping at the finish

The plan today was to take Catherine, do half of the Yellow course, then man the finish with her for an hour. And in fact that’s what happened, despite the miserable weather and C first deciding that she would stay at home with mummy. I’m glad to say that she didn’t regret changing her mind–she really enjoyed herself in the mist and mud, especially on the downhill sections!

To take the climb out of the proceedings, I kindly carried her ladyship up the hill to the start, and up to the Four Stones, at the point where I decided to curtail the course after control 3. I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’re up there again–on a day when we can actually see the view!

Clent map extract

Clent is a difficult area to plan on, and Peter seems to have done a good job, except for one hilly control on the green or blue that a few finishers complained about, and the first control on our course, which I thought was a bit tough for Yellow. (Tellingly, C was the third quickest competitor to find it.)

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