Where was I? Oh yes, Sutton Park, last Sunday. Suffering. The first shock was realising as I got into my stride that the last time I ran this race I was in my twenties, and now I’m in my forties… It was a great event though, 600 of us setting off at 11 am for a 6-mile run in the sun. A kind of poor man’s London Marathon!

All those years ago…  1996

My aim was to keep running the whole way, so I set off at a steady pace, and was probably on a 55-minute schedule when disaster struck in the shape of my old friend, the left knee. I started to feel it at quarter distance, and by halfway I was in trouble. I gave it a final try on a downhill section after Little Bracebridge but it was no good and I walked the rest of the way. 86 minutes, but at least I got my t-shirt! And my walk to the finish was made much more bearable thanks to being able to chat along the way, first to a young chap who’d rolled his ankle and then to a nice lady called Glenys who’d hurt her back.

So now I’m going to have to take things easyish for a bit. Back in the 90s the knee went a couple of times, once I remember during an orienteering event at Grace Dieu in Leicestershire. All I did at that time was rest it for a couple of weeks, plus buy a cheap knee support. I don’t know what’s wrong exactly. I guess, looking at SportsInjuryClinic.net, that it’s the meniscus or patella, but there are so many possibilities I can’t really work it out. I’m 95% pain-free, and there’s no swelling, but if I lift Catherine, or turn my leg quickly, or use the clutch a lot, I’m reminded that there’s something not quite right.