Finger O

Peter helps Andy with his planning planting

A funny old day, weatherwise, but Andy guaranteed sunshine so that’s what we got. This is an excellent summer-evening-event area and I enjoyed my run. Because of my knee injury I started off slowly but by the end I was at near-normal pace, and I only felt my knee when I was doing the pacing/compass exercise afterwards. There was an excellent turnout and most people also took part in the post-run activities: as well as the pacing/compass exercise there was a Sprint O and a Finger O. 🙂 I hope there’ll be a few more of the sprints: it was fun to do and fun to watch!

I’d class the woods as only semi-runnable, and the compass work was hard. The first control I was off to the right, the second I took two goes to find, the third one I couldn’t find at all. Then Mother Nature gave me a bramble-whipping and my performance improved…