If you’d tuned into Cartoon Network at 7 pm this evening, you’d have seen “Mr Magoo Goes Orienteering”, with yours truly in the title role. Poor eyesight + Bad light + 6″ control markers = 65 minutes for 4 kilometres. I wore my glasses so that I could read the map, but if I’d had my lenses in I might’ve nailed more than five out of the 15 controls… As I said to Alison (Sloman), tonight I couldn’t spike a gas bill.

It was kind of the Adrian and Alison show: she set off just a minute ahead of me and I caught up with her on the way to the first control. I overtook her four times altogether but she just kept coming back at me. Then when disaster struck again at control 13 she sailed away and ended up beating me by five minutes. (There’d been some crafty mind games at control 5 – she commented there that I wasn’t spiking the controls, and that crippled my poor male brain.)

Still, I enjoyed the run. My knee behaved and the cool, damp conditions were ideal. Results

There was some discussion that the map is a little wonky and Barry, the organiser, suggested that it might need redrawing from scratch. In fact the club has (at least?) two current versions. The differences between the map used on Saturday and that used tonight make it look like there have been some remarkable topographical changes in the space of just four days…

Exhibit A

Saturday:  Thursday:

Exhibit B

Saturday: Thursday:

Exhibit C

Saturday: Thursday: