It was Catherine’s birthday party yesterday so I didn’t feel I had much energy left today for such precipitous slopes, so I opted for Light Green. Less running (and climbing) and more controls (15, so good value!), and the knowledge that when you run down you’ll get an ego-boosting high position.

I was pleased with my run. Although I wasted a lot of time on control 2, I picked off the rest without much trouble. It took me 18 minutes to get to #2, but just 40 minutes from there to the finish. The first half of the course was hard but fair*. I left the path on the way to #2 and didn’t see another path till I was on the way to #7. The steep, rocky slopes reminded me of some of the events I took part in in Hungary and Slovakia.

Results (including impressive runs by Richard Dearden and Andy Hemsted on Brown.)

By the way, the barrels in the photo weren’t for us. See here.

*Okay, maybe not entirely fair. Only three sub-hour finishers, and several over two hours suggest it may have been a tad too tough… Looking again at the first control, from the armchair planner’s point of view it was clearly in the best and most obvious place, but from the age-sixty-plus runner’s point of view (i.e. most of the runners on Light Green) it was halfway up a cliff!