On the way there tonight I decided I’d like to run the long course (and thus get to see Highbury Park too) but when I discovered it was 8.4km I had to reconsider. The medium course, at 4.2 km,  was a bit too much to the other extreme, but perhaps it was just as well: I didn’t really have my running legs on tonight. Not only did Robert Vickers beat my time, a couple of the guys on the long course beat my time!**

Lots of activity in the park: MAC and some other buildings are being refurbished, by the lake marquees are going up for some show or other, and a fair was setting up ready for the weekend. Happily this meant that though I’d forgotten to go to the loo before my run, there were plenty of portaloos to choose from once I’d started!

CHP map extract

**I must’ve misread the time sheet! According to the results I was three minutes quicker than I thought. 🙂