from 107 to the summit AW drinks baa Come in #27...

What a scorcher! We started our duty at the northern drinks station* at 10 a.m. and I was was grateful to Dave Nevell that he had remembered to bring some suntan lotion. We had a good old natter, so the two hours flew by until we were relieved and could do our runs.

* Sorry that it wasn’t quite where it was supposed to be!

I ran M40S (course 6), 6.3 km with 195 m of climb, and I was glad to discover that I had my running legs on for a change. Not that the terrain was very runnable: rocks, marshes, tussocks, hummocks… but I was doing okay. Can you believe I was in third place at the 7th control? But I didn’t give it enough welly after that and slipped down to 8th at the finish. Just under 80 minutes. My left knee went just after the hour mark, but nothing like as badly as at Sutton Park, so I was able to jog the last kilometre.

Searching for clues Server and served You can call her Al Sunny uphill tussocks



Notable Harlequins results:
Tess Hill 12th W21E
Rachel White 2nd W21L
Kerstin Mitchell 5th W40S
Judith Evans 11th W50L
Lynden Hartmann 3rd W50S
Carol Farrington 4th W50S
Ruth Lockley 8th W55L
Penny Hemsted 1st W65S
Val Dugmore 2nd W65S
Alison Sloman 3rd W70L
Jamie MacKenzie 11th M14A
Tom MacKenzie 4th M16A
Alex Roberts 5th M16A
Duncan Leeson 1st M18A
Tom Horton 26th M21E
Steve Parker 5th M35S
Alex Morgan 5th M40L
Dave Nevell 5th M45L
Paul Basher 4th M50S
Andy Hemsted 2nd M55L
Neil MacKenzie 4th M55S
Robert Scott 3rd M60S
Russ Fauset 5th M60S
Lizzie White 2nd Red
Mike Felstead 3rd Light Green

I almost forgot that I had to dash back to go with M and C to a birthday party, and after we got back from that I realised that perhaps I’d overdone it this weekend – by bedtime I had an excruciating headache. Best wishes to John Embrey who ran all three races this weekend (Saturday race results here), and was taken quite ill at the end of it all.