I’ve finally done my first sprint event! Of course it’s just a glorified night street event–glorified in the sense that there’s a proper map and SI punching–but it was fun. I combined the event with visiting some friends in the city, and their excellent food was sitting rather heavily in my stomach as I attacked this course.

The reaction of the locals was interesting. Soon after I started a guy shouted out of his car window at me to ask what was going on, and towards the end of the race a police car drove slowly past me. The local kids by controls 209 and 214 were good natured, and I think altotgether we created some interest among the inhabitants of Darwin Park.

My run was okay; the only mistake I made, apart from a few questionable route choices, was running a little way back up the red line towards #6 after dibbing #7. The area, being a new housing estate, was suitable for the event, but perhaps a bit on the easy side, there being few shortcuts between the roads. Most of the difficulty, really, is introduced by having to interpret a very detailed map.

The map’s an interesting fish. There’s no BOF number, no mention of the OS or other base survey, and no mention of mapping software. I have an image of the Barnbys putting their theodolite in the car after work every evening!