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Two sprints in less than a week! Well, at 4.3 km I’m not sure it fits most people’s definition of a sprint, but I’m glad it wasn’t any shorter. Stoneleigh is a great area for sprinting, so kudos to those Droobers who got the permissions and did the mapping. Dead flat, with a grid pattern of roads and some interesting detail among the buildings. Apparently I ran 4.3 km in 22:33, which must be some sort of record for me! And I could’ve been quicker if a few of the flat controls hadn’t been obscured by grass cuttings.

Stoneleigh map extract

The flat controls are one of OD’s kinks, and another is Emit punching. I’m beginning to like Emit. When you punch, the control box doesn’t beep like the SI ones do, but it does flash, and the display on the brick shows you your time and that your punch has registered. The only drawback is given away by the nicknames: SI’s dibber is rather less bulky than Emit’s brick.

Results (includes od(d) rant)