This is the second time I’ve taken part in OD’s Tony Haw Charity Score Event. I took Catherine and we ambled round the easy controls in about 50 minutes, including a sit-down to watch the ducks on the canal. The area’s on the small side so I think that if I’d been on my own I might’ve managed all 35 controls in the hour, but I’m probably deluding myself; looking at the results, only four runners managed that feat.

I used to be a fan of score events – the annual New Year’s Day event is great fun, and it’s a good format for the winter night league events – but I’ve gone off them a bit. I don’t know if others feel the same, but the turnout was pretty poor today. Perhaps that was just because of the venue: Pooley has to be one of OD’s most uninspiring areas. It’s a spoil heap, a field, and 5 hectares of wood, all under the shadow of the M42.

Having said that, a score event is a reasonable use to put it to, and I’m wondering what the best route through the first 23 controls would be. Here’s the map for you to have a go, and my suggestion is underneath.

So, wanting to get the hill out of the way first, my route would be 17-1-23-21-13-6-2-3-5-4-7-8-9-10-11-18-14-16-15-19-22-12-20.