I know that some orienteers aren’t that bothered about RouteGadget, but I love it. You can keep an online record of the route you took and compare it against other runners. For example, it’s available for the Droobers C4 event that took place in Hay Wood in January. Click here. (I did Light Green.)

(Instructions for the uninitiated: 1. Click on the Java icon to get the map to load. 2. You can only see part of the map, but you can pan around the rest of it by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse. 3. On the right-hand side, click on the arrow alongside “Choose class/course” and then click on “light green”. The results will appear, and the course will appear as an overlay on the map. 4. Routes are only available for those people with a star next to their name. Click on me and Rachel and then click on “View Routes” at the bottom. My route is shown in red, Rachel’s in blue, and our split times are shown in the top right-hand corner. 5. To watch us running round, click on “View animation” and then “Start”.)

Although I’ve been enjoying comparing and animating my route, it was only a couple of weeks ago I cottoned on to the best feature of all: you can replay the race as a mass start event. Just click on a few competitors (without clicking “view routes” first), click on “View Animation” and watch them go!

Some recommended viewing:

The JK – see especially the elite women’s race (course 3) at Leith Hill

OD events, especially the guys at Hopwas

Walton Chasers events

Mountain marathons: LAMM, OMM

SLOW’s trail challenge event at Ham this week. Yet another O variant! One of several formats that’ve been introduced to encourage runners into the sport. The controls are all on line features but the technical difficulty is increased by having long legs with lots of route choice.

Stockport sprints last weekend: Shame I couldn’t be there – it looks like it was excellent.