This event was organised by the Harlequins Junior Team (WALHFTF) on the bijou 27 hectares of this nature reserve between Kidderminster and Bewdley. I’ve run here before, of course: I think of it as one of the club’s spiritual homes. And it’s quite a nice, interesting little place, with its cliffs and rock platforms, making in places for some treacherous running.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty atrocious at times. Catherine took one look out of the window and refused to go – I suppose I couldn’t blame her. But once I got out of Birmingham it changed into a beautiful morning and I was having a lovely run (despite the heavy undergrowth) until the heavens opened once more and I got a thorough soaking. I ran the Blue course (5.7 km) in an hour and a third. Because it’s a small area the map’s 1:5000, which caught me out a bit. The course made good use of the area, though there was one up-and-down dogleg that got me a little cross! 😉