No run today – I had a christening to go to.

Last month the UK Cup Middle Distance event was held at Weston Heath in north Shropshire. It’s an interesting area and I ran there at POTOC‘s badge event on 16/2/03. I wasn’t doing much orienteering at the time so I didn’t register for a race, so I had to make do with a colour-coded course, and it must rank as one of the worst-value trips to an event that I’ve ever made. After driving 50 miles it was quite a disappointment to discover that the course had just six controls, and that I’d only be spending about three minutes of my run in the interesting part of the area.

Walking back to my car after the race I was surprised to hear Hungarian voices. (My wife is Hungarian.) If I remember correctly, it was a lady and her two sons, members of the Chester club.


Meanwhile, here’s a few photos from yesterday’s Ultrasprint in Sheffield.