Back to Clent for a Summer Evening Event. There was a very good turnout. I ran the long course, 5km, about 380m of climb. 77 minutes, which isn’t competitive (the best time was 45 minutes), but it was good training. I enjoyed Charlie Nelson’s course, which avoided most of the bracken (except for getting in and out of control 13) and took me on a lovely tour of a lovely area. The weather stayed fine too, which was quite a shock! I got a bit distracted on #2 and managed to run right past it, while on #6 and #8 I committed my usual sin of turning back just as I was about to spike the control…

The map we were using is dated 2005 and there did seem to be quite a few discrepancies. Areas change so fast, it’s quite a headache for the mappers!

While out on the course I ran into (not quite literally) Tamsin Mosse from the National Trust, who was visiting the event to find out what we’re up to. 🙂 We run on several National Trust areas, and we have permanent courses on some of them too, so it’s important to have good relations. Apparently there’ll be an orienteering component at an NT event planned at Clent on the weekend of 16/17 August, but I can’t find a webpage about it to link to at the moment.

(Now that the results are up, I see I was lastish on my course 😦 but if I’d run the shorter course I’d’ve been in the top three…)