This morning I enjoyably wasted an hour following the WOC Long races on TracTrac, which uses GPS to let us follow the runners through the forest. As with RouteGadget, now the races are over, there’s a “mass start” facility that lets you replay the race and see where people went ahead or fell back. Congratulations to Jamie Stevenson on his Top-10 finish (though as you can see from the splits, he was heading for 5th place until a costly error on leg 31) and to Daniel Hubmann who finally (and barnstormingly) got his hands on gold. Tomorrow is relay day.

Update: I had a feeling! Look at this! And even though I missed following it live, I got quite excited reading this! Now go and watch. (Click “replay” at the bottom.) O happy day! 😀

 Digisport photo

This week it was the turn of the elite runners in Olomouc, next week it’s the turn of Jack Q. and Jill T. Compassholder in Sälen as thousands of people head up to the Swedish mountains for the O-Ringen. If you want to have your mind boggled, take a look at the start lists! Good luck to all the Brits taking part, including a very impressive deputation from MADO.