Thanks to a chance remark on the club forum a couple of months ago I’ve become involved in orienteering developments in the Black Country… I suggested that an initiative like MADO might not work so well in a place like Wolverhampton, Steve Nightingale said why not, I found out Graham Gristwood had been mapping in the city, I emailed him and the rest is…

Sue Cook from Wolverhampton council and Tony Callow from BOF have spent the last 18 months getting teachers trained and permanent courses planned, Graham Gristwood and Scott Fraser have mapped all the schools and parks, and now I’m wondering what the local clubs, HOC, WCH and WRE, could bring to the party (and take home in a doggy bag).

The one firm suggestion so far is that we organise a launch event in West Park in the autumn, and I’m now in the process of finding out who would be available to help.

I went to see Sue this afternoon. On the way to the meeting I popped into East Park, and afterwards West Park, where I met some of the rangers. They’ve got the control markers (unusually, as you can see, in a fetching shade of green) and are just waiting for the posts.