After Ramshaw Rocks I spent the night at dad’s in Congleton and in the morning I found myself drawn to one of the area’s newer attractions: the Maize Maze in Davenport. There are three aims: first, to get from the entrance through the outer maze into the inner butterfly-shaped section; second, to get to the bridge in the middle; and third to get from there to the exit bridge. My first attempt to reach the butterfly was a failure; I found myself back at the start. Then, after a quick perusal of the map at the entrance, I’m glad to say I was able to orienteer quickly to the butterfly. Next, I soon found myself under the central bridge, but I thought of a strategy to get from there to the bridge and it worked. The hardest part was getting out. I made two logical decisions, one was correct, the other incorrect, but after a couple of revisits to the bridge I finally made my escape. About 70 minutes, which is a lot of minutes per kilometre! but good value for my fiver.

The Ultrasprint has a maze section, but maybe MDOC or POTOC could go one further and incorporate the Maize Maze into one of their events? It is, after all, just across the road from a mapped area: Brereton Heath Country Park.