Just one day of the Elsh* sixday, on the way down to hols in Tenby. Maybe Russ is more of a masochist than I gave him credit for, if he offered to control this event. It’s a tough area! Tussocks, overgrown rock fields, bracken and low heather, so that it took me almost 70 minutes to cover less than 5 km. (16th place out of 21.) Ten minutes of that was lost on control 4, which turned out to be a lot further than it appeared on the map… (A pity after having got to control 3 in 5th place.) I think it was a tricky control, half a mile diagonally uphill through bracken, so credit to those who found it rather more efficiently than I did. I correctly ignored a control down to the right, and also correctly noticed that I needed to pass the hilltop to my left, but as I got closer I went wrong somehow and I’d have been happy to go out again later and find out how. I came to a depression with a boulder in it, which may have been the one clearly marked on the map, but the rock stream I came to next was going downhill, so can’t have been the one just above the control. It didn’t help that the bracken was covering a larger area than that shown by the undergrowth screen on the map. Finally I saw two guys running east and realised that although they weren’t on my course they were probably running away from my control. I ran up and to the left and hey presto…

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I had the same start time as Martin Dean, whose Croeso blog is here.

Something a bit peculiar about Andy Hemsted’s results. Andy took 45 minutes for one control, achieving the fastest time for most of the others, and the same thing happened when he ran a couple of days later at Wentwood. Is it possible that he went to the pub during the races?

Results, RouteGadget, etc.

*That’s what Catherine calls it. 🙂