I can’t make it to Redditch tomorrow so I got my fix in Northamptonshire at this OD event. I was glad to have an excuse to go – it’s an interesting place. A score event (not my favourite O activity), which probably made sense since even though the point features would also make for a good traditional event, the elephant tracks in the grass would be glaring, and it would also be easy to follow people.

Anyway, I didn’t take the time limit seriously and set out to collect all 25 controls in whatever time it would take me. In the end I missed out a couple I thought might take too long to find. I was almost 7 minutes over the time limit so I guess I scored 185. (22×10 – 7×5) Because of the siting of the start and finish I decided to go clockwise round the area, but it seems I was in the minority. Not knowing the area it took me a while to orient myself and work out what all those little dots and squares really looked like. Eventually I spiked the first control (#17) but didn’t spot the flat marker on the ground and wasted time hunting around before I worked out I must’ve been right the first time. Here’s the map and my route: