A chance remark by my friend Attila reminded me that the National Trust were having a Big Green Day Out “at” the Clent Hills on Saturday and Sunday, and that Robert Vickers was organising an orienteering course for it. So off we tootled on Sunday morning: Attila and I and our daughters, Lizi and Catherine. The event was rather smaller than I’d expected: just one tent containing four tables, and it was a nice surprise to find Andy and Penny Hemsted sitting at one of them.

It was cloudy-sunny but the rain held off so we had a good walk around the course (after the girls had had a go at the hands-on activities on the National Trust table). The NT had produced laminated maps, with the course Robert designed on one side and instructions, etc. by him on the other. As we found the controls, the girls used a felt-tip pen to write the control letter into the correct space next to the map.

I think the National Trust could’ve promoted the event better – there was almost nothing on the internet, and there were a lot fewer people there than I was expecting. But the maps are ready now for next time!