Off to Hungary in a couple of days’ time, so I won’t be able to host my evening event at Sandwell Valley. I’m very grateful to Robert Vickers for standing in, and if you’re able to go along on Thursday evening please do. I’ll be bringing back some prizes from Hungary with me!

At the same time as printing off maps for the event, I’ve been rereading (and in some cases reading for the first time!) loads of old copies of Ad Hoc (Harlequins’ newsletter) and The West Midlander. I’ve felt this necessary for three reasons. Firstly, there’s lots of good stuff in them. Lynden Hartmann, for example, produced brilliant breezy magazines and, taken with all her efforts in MADO and elsewhere, I’m surprised she still hasn’t had her OBE*. Secondly, I think our website should have an archive of the best articles from the newsletters. And thirdly, because I love the sport and want to do my bit to help it thrive, I’m trying to put forward certain ideas. However, I think it’s best I check what has already been discussed and/or done before I waste too much of my own and everyone else’s time…

One thing that reading the newsletters is doing is reminding me what an enormous amount of great work has been done over the years by certain (over)committed club stalwarts. It’s my birthday, but the toast is You Guys. Thanks.


* Orienteer Beyond Expectations