The first West Midlands event of the autumn, and the weather wasn’t bad at all. After weeks of seemingly endless rain, it was a surprise to spend most of my run under a warm, sunny sky. It was less of a surprise that my knee gave way again – I’d given it two weeks’ rest but the one-k leg in the middle of the Blue course did for it. 80 minutes wasn’t the worst time, but I should’ve come 20th rather than 40th.

Anyway, the injury will make me prioritise organising rather than running. And it’s not such a bad thing, slow orienteering. After a bad run, Margaret Keeling had slowed down to my limping pace and we took part in an impromptu Slow-O Challenge from control 12 to the finish: I think we bagged three controls each, with the seventh one being taken in mid-air since it was being carried by a control collector!


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How about another little game? The challenge is that each West Midlands event should have more participants than the previous one. Therefore we need to get more than 250 to Croft Castle on Sunday.