My doctor’s ordered me not to run for four weeks so I went down to Alcester today (in jeans and shoes) to walk the Orange course. A beautiful day for a walk it was too, but I was complacent and c*cked up two of the first three controls. On #1 I didn’t notice the description was path end, not path junction, and ended up wading through brambles. On #3 I somehow didn’t spot the easy path route! and tried to go direct. There were a couple of other minor time losses but the only other big time loss was #12, where I found two other controls before I realised that the tapes hanging from the trees would lead me in to mine…

69 minutes for 2.7 km, so I was faintly gobsmacked to see I came second, and even posted the fastest time on a couple of controls! It seems that quite a few of the runners on Orange were walkers, and, well, it was a pretty tough course. 



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