On Cannock Chase today for the grade 3 organisers’ course, ably led by Robert Vickers and Carole Sparke. (I had already done this course back in 2004, but since I haven’t planned any “proper” events in the meantime I decided a refresher wouldn’t go amiss.) Robert gave me back the folder of stuff from the Sandwell Valley event he hosted for me back in August, so I can begin to piece together what happened that evening. First, I can see from the control cards that either (1) many of the competitors were in tears or (2) conditions were wet. Second, the event went like clockwork. Robert used his finish timer, and the printout shows a remarkably smooth flow of finishers, with everybody back by 7.30.


Night’s best results prizes: Richard Dearden (blue), Bob Scott (green), Jenny Uff (orange). Richard’s run was especially impressive, blasting round the 7 km in 53:52.