It was such a shame – Brockhampton is such a lovely spot, and relatively accessible from the M5, but the weather was atrocious, making the motorway journey quite scary. The rain did finally stop (and it was a beautiful afternoon) but the damage had been done: fewer than 100 competitors.

I didn’t number among them but my friend Gary and my daughter Catherine did. Bravely, tyro Gary agreed to take C round the white course, or should that be the other way round? 🙂 And after I’d finished my stint on carpark duty I ran off sans map to do their course backwards in the hope of meeting them. I’d got about a third of the way round when I got a call from Gary to say they were at control #1! Odder still, when I climbed over a stile I could see them waving at me from the top of the field. Looking at the map you can see how this was possible. They had in fact got as far as control #5 before going back up to #1, but I persuaded them to follow me back the way I’d come to the finish.

Brockhampton map

Then we visited the cafe before driving down to Lower Brockhampton itself.



I hope that at some point neighbouring Bringsty Common will be mapped.