Despite all my rushing I still only managed to get to the WMOA AGM when it had just finished. Maybe I should’ve stayed at home – I allowed my arm to be twisted and it looks like I’m going to take over the editing of the regional newsletter. (If there are any other volunteers please shout!) But I did have useful chats with people and saw an impressive Orienteering display board put together by the Morgans of POTOC.* I did think of borrowing it for the event on Saturday but it would be yet another thing to have to organise!

One subject that came up was the lack of course leaders for the planning course due to take place on November 9th. Maybe I’m wide of the mark, but I think that this may just have something to do with the fact that course leaders are not paid. The culture of volunteering in orienteering is fine, but I do think that people who have spent many hours doing unpaid work for their clubs should at least get paid when we employ them as trainers. Maybe not the full whack, but £60 (+ expenses) for six hours wouldn’t be unreasonable.

*Congratulations to Brenda on becoming the new WM chairman.