24 hours to go till my event in West Park and I’m still working hard… I don’t want to put anyone off, but there’s a lot to this organising lark, and one has to do it completely “in the dark”, in that I’ve got no idea how many punters there are going to be. I’m still emailing people, and a web search I’ve just done has revealed the extent of Wolverhampton’s O funding: they received £76,363 of lottery money for what they dubbed the “Outdoor Challenge Project“. You’ll see some of that money on Saturday. (I won’t.)  🙂

Apart from the white and yellow courses, which we’ve tried so assiduously to keep away from the edge of the lake, there’s a nice 2.3k sprint course (a.k.a. orange) for you old-timers to have a hare around, which you can beef up to a 4.3k red course if you like. Hasta manana, map runners…

Park photos