I made a last-minute decision to sign up for the new-style Level 1 coaching course that Hilary Palmer is running in Sheffield for the Yorkshire Association. It’s three Saturdays so that’s a total of 12 hours driving, which is why I’d been hoping that something closer would materialise, but no. (No doubt tomorrow I’ll find out they’re going to run the course next month in Sutton Coldfield!)

The venue was a school near the Sheffield Wednesday football ground and down the road from Loxley Common, which we went up to in the afternoon to practise some of the training routines on each other. Little did we realise as we soldiered on in the wind and rain that conditions were considerably worse in the Lake District

One course participant had a familiar name: Tim Tett. I felt very pleased with myself for overtaking Tim on a leg of the map-symbol quiz relay (!) but he got his own back on the head-to-head sprint, and I was trailing in his wake for the rest of the day. Our task in the afternoon was to plan a TD2 line-orienteering event for the rest of the group – we couldn’t even follow the line ourselves when we went to set up our armchair-planned course!

BOF have produced, and we were all given, a nice set of cards with twenty coaching activities on them, and although some of the ideas are relatively modern, line orienteering goes back at least 60 years: it features in the “Sport of Orienteering” book I blogged about a few weeks ago:

If you’re an experienced orienteer and don’t have a coaching qualification, now’s the time to sign up for a course. If you don’t have them you’ll need CRB clearance and an emergency aid certificate, but apart from that what’s stopping you?