Time for another quiz, and about time I blogged a bit about my time in Hungary, so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone… Attached you’ll find the map from the first day of a two-day competition held near Nyírbátor in September 2001. I was running M21C and my times were 49:33 on day 1 (3.6 km) and 53:40 on day 2 (5.7km).

Your challenge is to draw the day-2 course given only my description of it, as follows:

The start was on the path north of the football ground, and though I could’ve run round the bend to the first control, which was at the four-path junction, I joined most of the other runners’ route along the direct little path. Control 2 was in a saddle atop one of the countless (buried) dunes. It was easy enough: along the path, sharp bend right, less sharp bend left, turn right uphill through the light green. 3 and 4 are just as straightforward. Push through the thick stuff to the road, head along it a little way, then go right along the path. Over the path junction and after another 100 metres turn left slightly uphill to the vegetation boundary. (Made even easier by an unmarked path.) After dibbing, head NW through the trees to the path I’d just crossed, and head north for a kilometre or so. The control is by the first tree in the flat open on the right beyond the wood.

Thankfully (?) the course now gets much trickier. The next control is on a ride junction, which sounds easy enough, but it’s some distance away with no path-only route to get there. I zigzag via ride and path to a channel of treed open that leads to a path across a dune, then turn north along a path that eventually leads to path junction. Then I headed west to what I’m pretty sure was not a pair of cairns. I crossed two dunes, turned left down the ride, and the control was back up on the second dune.

Along the top of the dune, then right, down towards the road, taking the path south (rather than the road) to its end, then a quick left-right-left to #6, the vegetation boundary at the earthwall end. #7 is easy, the only question is whether to retrace my steps back to the road, or go south along the earthwall and path to the perpendicular path and then zigzag onto the overgrown path; the control is on the sharp bend. Nearly there now. A quick scramble down to the road, then right onto the windy path to the village. Control 8 is on top of the little triangular hill in the trees to the east of the field. Then back out onto the field – the finish is the same as yesterday’s.

How’ve you got on?