Andy and Marian White very kindly lent me a headlamp again (I’m hoping that Santa will bring me my own next month!) and I travelled down to Stourport with Andy Hemsted and Barry McGowan for the first night score event of the season. This was my first time on this area and it’s certainly very varied: grass, trees, bracken, heather, sand… The planner was Alison Sloman and she’d included some nice and simple controls so it wasn’t too hard for me to sweep up 13 altogether.

Hartlebury Common

After 45 minutes (I was midway between the “18” and the “20” on the map) my lamp suddenly went out; I discovered that the wires had come adrift at the connector and I couldn’t reconnect them. So I had to navigate more than a kilometre in the dark to the finish… Luckily it was full moon, but I couldn’t really see the map so I was pleased with myself that I didn’t get lost!


These events are a lot of fun so don’t be scared (Halloween’s long gone!) – come and have a go in the Lickey Hills on December 4th.