A long drive, but I already knew it was worth it when I got to Bewdley – a beautiful town (with the river menacing) and beautiful autumn countryside. I discovered that I didn’t have my gaiters, and there were quite a lot of brambles, but they weren’t too high or thick, so I found the area good running. Kudos to Richard and Rachel – the event was friendly and the courses were well planned. My run went very well and I knew when I finished that I must’ve achieved a high placing.

Hawkbatch extractHawkbatch Retro

Because it’s the club’s 40th anniversary we were now treated to the option of running a 1960’s-style orienteering event. The map was a black-and-white photocopy of the 1:25,000 OS map and the controls were flags with crayons attached. I did the 2.7 k in 35 minutes, having taken the long path route to the first control, spiking the next two perfectly 🙂 and then searching in vain for the last one 😦

Now don’t forget to come for a quick run around East Park next Saturday!