(Very) lucky with the weather, but not with the turnout. Perhaps that was to be expected, given that there wasn’t so much publicity this time, though I was interviewed on both WCR and WOLF on the morning itself. Still, I had a good time (except for when my right knee collided with some force against a low fence), and hopefully so did the participants! Thanks again to George for all his support, and to Sue, Colin and Peter for coming along and helping out. Ruth brought along the new banner, kindly provided by BOF, and suggested, correctly I thnk, that if we added the streets to the north and east we’d have a good urban sprint area. Something to work on…

White extract


I’ve got my Perry Beeches evening event coming up soon, but after that it’s time for a break as far as organising is concerned; time to consider the best way forward. When we reconvene around Easter I think we might try moving to Saturday afternoons, a la Mado. In fact, as far as parks are concerned, in the warm months it might make sense to set up shop at around 11 and stay open for business till the evening.