After all the fuss and effort it was worth it in the end. It was so kind of so many people to help, including the brilliant Matt Halliday.
2. JK
Thanks again to Rob, Ian and Marti for giving me the opportunity to go on a little orienteering holiday! (The 2009 BOC and JK are both in my diary but chances are I won’t get to either.) The amazing weather added to the experience…
In the middle of a rather trying week away from home, this odd event was just what I needed. An excellent format that I hope will be taken up by the WMOA when it organises an annual short-course championships.
Well, it would’ve been better not to have to travel to Sheffield (even if it is the centre of the orienteering universe) but the coaching course was a great experience with a very useful outcome.
Thanks to Rob and Dave I got off the ground with radio O, enjoyed it very much and was reasonably successful on my first outing.
It was exciting, getting two events in on the same evening! After the disappointment of the Seven Pools, and having to miss a couple of other traditional distance races, I was pleased to get at least one in this year, and to have a run I was happy with. And the Summer Evening Event series was excellent – I took part in eight races: Sedgley, Clent, Highgate, Baggeridge, Cannon Hill, Lickeys, Haden Hill and Kingsford, and planned one, and came 8th out of 46 in the senior men’s class. (Though the confusion about the scoring system rumbles on…)
7. Callow Hill/Uffmoor
My first go at night O, first with an LED and no watch, then with something approaching the right equipment! I’m now keen to take part in one of the great night relays (Tiomila/Jukola) and do some night-O organising: either the Harvester in Wales or the Brumila in – where do you think??
A couple of little things went wrong, which was a shame not because they mattered particularly, but because we ended up focusing a lot on them rather than the fact that it was a beautiful day and a great event. Come and join us back there on May 25th when the hill will host the middle day of SINS ’09. 🙂
Relays are great occasions and I had a good run too! (Still waiting for the officials’ comments…)
10. Stoneleigh/Borough Hill
11. Castle Vale/Bournville
Night-street events are good social orienteering, and a good confidence boost, seeing as I’ve performed well in them from the get-go.
Good planning and the retro event was good fun. Such “extras” aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think every bog-standard event should have a little something extra to encourage/reward participation.
Catherine and I had a fine time at this very popular event.
14. Pendam
One of two trips to Wales this year – there’ll be quite a few more in 2009! Put July 5th Builth Wells in your diary…
I enjoyed planning it – it was a shame I couldn’t be there!
And the Worst…
Not only did my knee give way, leaving me to walk most of the way round, there was a cockup with the results so it looks like my time was even worse! On the plus side, I was able to chat to some lovely people and I received a nice t-shirt. 🙂
2. Sutton Park (Radio O)
The reason I cocked up so royally was that I took my daughter to the playground beforehand and by the time I was ready to run it was rush rush rush. A classic example of more haste, less speed.
(Since #1 and #2 were both in Sutton Park it doesn’t augur well for January 1st!)
3. Eridge
I rounded off my great time at the JK with an appalling performance in the blizzard-hit relay.
The Far Side of Orienteering…
5. Long O
Not only was the Malvern event cancelled, I couldn’t go to the Cannock Chase event which I’d paid the entry fee for. 😦 (Elsewhere I’ve mentioned the need for an annual regional short-course championships, and there ought to be an annual long-O champs as well.)