Bugger. I spent loads of time planning my night-street event but then I went and let myself down badly by missing a street off the map! Booths Lane, to be precise. It comes in three parts and I only included one of them, so my checking system wasn’t foolproof after all… Alison and Jacky bore the brunt of this error, ending up lost and (not unnaturally, considering how cold it was out there) ready to concede defeat, but luckily for me they met and helped each other to puzzle it out. Both of them have the opportunity to get their own back (they’re hosting night-street events in the new year) so I better keep my wits about me!

As promised, there was a seasonal theme, with most of the “controls” being houses with Christmas lights on them. (Not a bad idea, even if I say so myself, and worth trying again, next time perhaps with a score format.) My map was of the roads-and-paths-only variety, which I know doesn’t suit everybody, especially as it’s not always clear in open areas whether it’s possible to get from one path/road to another.

Thanks very much to everyone who braved the elements to take part. A couple of the non-festive control sites are pictured above.