Mrs B had a tough weekend: no sooner was I back from Sheffield than I was off to the Wyre Forest for this badge event, HOC’s biggest event since Brown Clee. There was added danger today – some stretches of the route to Bewdley were quite icy and/or misty. But although the conditions were quite crisp, the running was very pleasant for the 300 competitors.

My run started well and I made progress against Ian Gamlen, a COBOC runner who’s consistently better than me, but as my brain and body got tired the mistakes crept in. I reached control 11 fourth in 37 minutes, but finished sixth in 64 minutes. I made a terrible route choice to #12 and also managed to get lost on the shortest leg on the course! So all the good work was undone. 😦

My course was well planned – Rollo put out a lot of controls (72) and it was worth it – several times I came across controls that weren’t mine, making my task that little bit harder.


Memo to self: HOC have discussed getting RouteGadget a couple of times, but we really ought to get it!