As you probably know, the WMOA runs an annual club league with 10 qualifying events. OD won this year, retaining the trophy. (Come on you Harlequins!) But too little fuss is made of the individual athletes whose performances determine the outcome of the competition. This list of individual champions is unofficial (hint, hint) but everyone here deserves recognition.
*= gained maximum available points for their club

W10 Sarah Bedford WCH*
W12 Molly Richardson WRE
W14 Amy Oliver OD
W16 Helen Elkington OD
W18 Sophie Thomas WCH
W20 Beata Falk HOC
W21 Julia Ferguson HOC
W35 Cath Williams WCH
W40 Lesley Ross OD*
W45 Claire Bushnell WCH
W50 Sue Lynch WCH
W55 Hazel Waters WCH
W60 Sheila Carey OD*
W65 Jane Christopher WCH
W70 Alison Sloman HOC*
W75 Beryl Pay WRE*
W80 Pamela Emberton WCH

Overall points champion (women): Beryl Pay WRE 783
2nd: Alison Sloman HOC 772
3rd: Sarah Bedford WCH 759

Participation award: Sue Lynch WCH & Elizabeth Urquhart OD 10 events
Juniors: Sarah Bedford WCH & Heather Rogers OD 8 events

M10 Harrison McCartney OD
M12 Hamish Rogers OD*
M14 Guy Ross OD*
M16 Alex Roberts HOC
M18 Matthew Halliday OD
M20 Mikey Hopkins WCH
M21 David Thacker OD
M35 Chris McCartney OD
M40 Alex Morgan HOC*
M45 Ian Turner WCH*
M50 Barry Elkington OD
M55 Michael Baggott HOC*
M60 Mike Hampton OD
M65 Chris Boycott WCH*
M70 Patrick Pay WRE
M75 Frank Smith OD*
M80 Chris Schaanning HOC

Overall points champion (men): Ian Turner WCH 846
2nd: Hamish Rogers OD 828
3rd: David Thacker OD 722

Participation award: Graham Urquhart OD 10 events
Juniors: Hamish Rogers OD 9 events